Yuzu Whisky Sour

Here we go! April's installment of The Fifth Collection x Kitchenhoarder. A lovely cocktail recipe for Page Five to celebrate the newly launched shop - go read it, especially the sunscreen guide. 

Celebrations are important. The big ones, like birthdays, weddings and baby showers, but also small ones. I don’t think small victories are celebrated enough. It’s easy to get lost in the routines of life, but celebrating small successes (and big ones) reminds us that it isn’t all an uphill battle.

If you’re celebrating with friends and family, the thing to do is pop a bottle of bubbly. But there are other occasions, times when what you want is a dose of solitary happiness, to mark an achievement to yourself. What you need, then, is a strong, stiff drink.

This drink is fresh, sweet, tangy and robust all at the same time. A traditionally strapping whisky sour, but with the addition of yuzu marmalade to make it special. If you don’t already have a jar of Korean yuzu (citron) jam at home, get one! It makes the best throat-soothing warm drink, but is great for baking and cocktails like this one.

Yuzu Whisky Sour

Makes one drink for one soon-to-be-tipsy person

3 parts (45ml) Whisky - usually bourbon, but I always use Jameson

2 parts (30ml) lime juice

1 part (15ml) Yuzu jam

Dash of Angostura bitters

Stir the whisky and yuzu jam together until well combined. Strain into a shaker, but don’t throw away what’s left.

Add the lime juice and shake with ice. Strain into a short glass. Using chopsticks or another suitable tool, pick a few pieces of the yuzu from the strainer, and add to the drink. Top with a dash of Angostura bitters.

Sit down somewhere cosy and comfortable, and enjoy.

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