Crab and Clarified Butter

Hi! Remember me? I've been gone a long time, I know. But this marks a promise from me to you, dear blog: today onwards, I'm here. I'm going to make up for my extended absence with a load of cooking. To mark this momentous occasion in our relationship, here is a little mini-post. Not much cooking involved, but still... food.

I don't know if you know this, but Edinburgh has a little Farmers' Market every Saturday. It's not the most amazing market ever, but still good fun, and a tempting money-spending opportunity for food shopping addicts like me. On the Saturday I went, I had a horrible hangover, I'll be honest. And I have strange hangover food cravings. If you know me, you'll know my food cravings are pretty powerful things - I can hold on to a craving for something for months until I get it. Anyway, I wanted crab. Well, I actually wanted Crab Caesar Salad, but that was too much hassle. So I got a crab, for only £5!! I LOVE a deal.

I followed the fishmonger's instructions and boiled the crab for 15 minutes in salty water. Then, inspired by the many times I've seen New England seafood boil on TV, I clarified some butter. Melt it down, skim the white solids out to get an unctuous, clear yellow liquid and you're there. Some Sriracha chilli sauce on the side and I was good to go. Crab-hammering time!!