Oh, to be outside

This is an incredibly overdue post. Remember when I said I was going camping in the Lake District? ... Yeah. I never got around to posting anything from then. But here it is. I remember it because I was just thinking how shitting hot it was today in Singapore, and wishing I was somewhere nice and cool - boomz Lake District. Our little pod was right by Lake Windermere.

HOW PRETTY IS THAT?? And there were ducks who quacked constantly and followed us around.

But, this is a FOOD blog after all. We only really cooked two proper meals, because it was quite an effort. But both meals were pretty damn good. And this is what cooking outdoors looks like:

We had really, really good Chicken and Asparagus Noodle Soup on the first night there. I have to admit I cheated and bought a premade stock from Waitrose. But it was the extra-posh stuff, the Heston Blumenthal range. And it was soooooo good!!! I would buy it just to drink, I swear. Anyway, I just heated that in the pot, added the chicken thighs, cooked for about 20 minutes until they were just done, added the egg noodle nests, then the asparagus. MMM I wish I was eating that NOW.

Wow that picture looks like it was taken with Instagram. Hipster Chicken Soup.

Then we had Sausage and Lentil Stew. I actually find it so annoying when people describe food as 'hearty', which I swear, happens in like, every cookbook ever nowadays. But I guess this actually was hearty, so I'm allowed to use it.

That was a lovely trip (I never use the word 'lovely', so it must have been really lovely). Now I'm a bit sad. And hungry!