This is a possibly over-ambitious attempt to keep up with what seems to be a whole world of food bloggers. The idea is that I will blog about my cooking, which takes place in a pretty small shared student kitchen. A lot of the food I cook is Asian in inspiration, if not exactly in origin, thanks to my half-British, half-Singaporean-Chinese background. I live in Edinburgh and part of the fun will be watching me try to scramble ingredients together in a place with a distinct lack of good Asian supermarkets.

I love food, and unfortunately, I also love things to do with food. Thus, kitchenhoarder. At the grand old age of 21, I own around 100 cookbooks, and I cannot seem to stop buying them! It doesn't help that looking at kitchen gadgets is also an all-consuming addiction.

I will try to blog as often as possible, even if no one reads this blog. Good luck to me, I guess. Hopefully, enjoy!