How to Throw a Tropical Christmas Party

If you've been following Kitchen Hoarder, you'll know that I LOVE Christmas. It could be the kitsch and the food, yes, but it's also the connotations of a white, snowy and cold Christmas. Growing up here in South East Asia and being perpetually hot, the idea of bundling up in layers of clothing and having to sit by a fire was my ultimate fantasy.

Alas, I can't make it snow here, and so, I've decided to embrace the idea of a tropical Christmas. Traditional Christmas foods are designed to be heavy and rich enough to keep you going through a freezing winter, and yes, they're delicious, don't get me wrong. But eating a creamy gratin dauphinois, or buttery mashed potatoes, or even a dense Christmas pudding can just make you feel, well, heavy, especially in this climate. 

Here's what we made:
Slow-Roasted Tropical Pork Belly
Christmas Sangria
Tropical Pavlova Roll

Our tropical Christmas menu has all the fun of a normal Christmas, but with none of the associated feeling like you've just eaten a winter coat. As a bonus, when you throw a tropical Christmas party, it's easy to decorate the house. Tropical leaves, plenty of pink and lots (and LOTS) of sparkly lights are all you need.

Watch the video at the top to see how our #KHChristmas Tropical Christmas went down, and let me know in the comments what you're planning to cook for Christmas!