The Best Candles Ever


Okay, okay, I know people can be really particular about scent, and there isn’t really such a thing as the ‘BEST’ candle for everyone. However, in this post-fact era of superlatives, I feel pretty comfortable saying this: THESE ARE THE BEST CANDLES. PERIOD.

These True Grace candles aren’t one of those wimpy candles that you can barely smell, and neither do they smell like a perfume bottle exploded in the room. They smell exactly like what they promise to smell like, and, you know, in this post-fact era, that’s really comforting.

True Grace has a whole range of candles, from colourful, long dining candles to giant fancy large bowl candles. They also sell room sprays, diffusers and other scented things, but I only ever buy their tin Walled Garden candles. The Wild Mint is my all-time fave (and it totally smells like this $400 candle), but they have other flavours, like Sage, Stem Ginger, Tomato  and Cucumber. Notice that they all sound like cooking ingredients? That’s another reason I love them – they don’t overwhelm the food you’re eating.

I buy my True Grace candles at Strangelets in Tiong Bahru, Singapore, but you can also get them from the True Grace website. However, since international shipping costs £30, I suggest you get some lucky friends together and share one purchase. Then get ready for your home to smell incredible!