Kitchen Hoarder's Magic Health Tonic


I’ve tried the whole juice cleanse thing, and it didn’t work out between us. Something about sipping on plant liquids just didn’t cut it for me. Another thing that sucks about juicing at home? Cleaning the juicer every. damn. day. 

So this recipe was created as a way of still using that slow juicer in the back of my cupboard, without having to deal with bits of fruit and vegetable stuck in its parts all that often. A batch of this health tonic will easily last me a week, and that just means less cleaning, more drinking. 

Besides, this little elixir is stuffed with goodness – turmeric and ginger combat inflammation in the body, while that warming sensation does wonders for your belly. Pear juice and apple cider vinegar are full of antioxidants and other nutritional magic. So drink away! This tonic works as a shot, diluted with warm water to make a lovely, cosy drink, or – my personal favourite – mixed with some soda water, for something fizzy (and healthy!) to sip on. Either way, it looks and feels like liquid sunshine.

[Note: I’ll warn you now. Turmeric stains. You’ll want to at least rinse your juicer, chopping board and even your knife pretty quickly, but I also suggest wearing gloves when dealing with this yellow fellow.]

KH Health Tonic

100g turmeric root, peeled
200g old ginger root, peeled
1 large Asian pear
2-4 tablespoons apple cider vinegar

Cut the turmeric, ginger and pear into manageable pieces if your juicer has a smaller spout. Turn on your juicer, and pass the turmeric, ginger and pear through. 

Stir the apple cider vinegar into the juice. Store in the fridge, in a sealed jar, for up to a week.