Kitchen Hoarder 2.0


So, Kitchen Hoarder has been around for a while. I started it all the way back in 2010, just so I would have an excuse for all the cooking I was doing in university. Six years on, making recipes, testing them and sharing them has become my job (~*dream job alert*~) now that I’m a host on the Asian Food Channel.

What makes the new Kitchen Hoarder, well, new? I want Kitchen Hoarder to be less my blog, more a gathering point for people who love to have fun with food and just to have fun in general. Like before, there will be recipes, but also food articles, travel guides, restaurant reviews, and lifestyle tips. Kitchen Hoarder's YouTube channel has also launched, so subscribe to it to watch and keep up with all our videos here.

We’ve been working on tons of great content that we hope you love, but we’re still new to the game, so if you have anything to say, we want to hear from you! You can email me at, if you’ve got suggestions, stories, recipes or anything else you want to share.

See you around, Kitchen Hoarders!

The OG Kitchen Hoarder